This Innovation will bring you a lot of valuable time!

Time that can be used for patient care.

Checking articles on expiration date takes a lot of time.
In recent years we have seen various surveillance systems:

  • Keep track of and check Excel files.
  • Periodically checking all articles by an assistant.
  • Periodically checking the doctor's bags by an assistant or the farmacist.
  • Once a year before a visitation.


  • No system, because articles are hopefully used before the expiration date.
  • No sytem, because it is deemed not to be necessary.


Articles are often not replaced, or too soon or too late. In addition, these systems cost a lot of control time! Even the Dutch General Practitioners Society recommends periodically checking.
To monitor the expiration dates of medication and articles, of which it is considered useful, we have devolped an App based on the Lean principles pull and Kanban:


Install the ExpiratieApp® on your smartphone  or tablet (iOS en Adroid) or on your computer (Windows).

For installing the App on your computer:   https://ExpiratieApp.nl/downloads/ExpiratieAppSetupLive.exe

If you log in for the first time in the  ExpiratieApp®, you will find  six lists.
The articles in the  'Doctor's bag' and 'Emergency case' are advices by the Dutch General Practitioners Society. 

The articles in 'Stock' are articles with a red corner on the white magnet label. (see Kanban Magneet Systeem®)

Each account has a maximum of six lists. A list can be renamed, added or removed.

You can see at a glance how many articles a list contains. Each list can be filled with 50 articles maximally. 'Stock' can contain 150 articles.
Articles in a list can be changed, added or removed.



If you click on 'Lijst weergeven' (= show list) , you will see the articles in that list and the corresponding expiration month/year per article.

The articles are in order of expiration date.

At a glance you'll see what article has reached the expiration date: the article turns red in the list.

You can add and remove articles and you can search by name of the article and supplier.
So if an article has turn red in your list, you can search by supplier. You'll see  immediately what other articles,  ordered by the same supplier, have nearly reached the expiration date. You can place an order with these articles too, to cut  down on postage costs.





If you click on an article in the list, you wil see 'Artikel Wijzigen' (= change the article) 
You can link information to an article:

  • Name
  • Form / dosage
  • Expiration month/year
  • Supplier
  • Order- / receiptcode


At 'Instellingen' (= settings) you can make a choice:

  • If an article has reached the expiration date: on what E-mail you want to receive a notification. The App will gave you also  a notification .
  • The interval (3, 5 or 7 days) of the notification you will receive via E-mail/App, when an article has reached the expiration date.

If you have two ampoules  of the same medication, but with two different expiration dates: make two articles with the same name, but link each article with its corresponding expiration month/year.
In this example the furosemide ampoules will expire on 12/2020 and 6/2021.

For example:

An article in the central stock ('Naald Blauw') has an expiration date in the future: 6/2019

If this article is finished, you'll order a new box with a new expiration date: 5/2020

You must NOT remove the article in the list linked with 6/2019, because when you reach 6/2019 the assistant wil give you a sign to check wether you still have articles with 'the old' expiration date. After giving this sign she will remove the article from the list.

You now have the ultimate 'waterproof system'!

Summarizing: You only have to link articles to an expiration date once and never have to worry about it anymore!














 For the ExpiratieApp®, a small investment is required for:

-no sponsoring and therefore no annoying advertising;

-development and update costs;

-periodic costs for Windows, App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

info@L-1-L.nl                    06-37 19 34 14


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